Wednesday, February 4, 2009

from The Green Lantern

After spending the day with us all tricked out in our rocking Venture Brothers costumes at the NYCC, my pal Mario asked me to make him a Sinestro-inspired track jacket.

Who am I to argue? I didn't know who Sinestro was, but I soon learned. Mario let me know what details of the costume he wanted to include, and omit. Then I came up with a simplified design of Sinestro's costume.

I made this last summer out of cotton (black) and a cotton/rayon blend (gold). I had Mario send me one of his existing track jackets that he liked, so I could make it the correct size. I then used the specs from his jacket, and applied that to a McCall's jacket pattern that I had. I had not used piping much before this project, and it's kind of a pain!

The most difficult part was the symbol, because it had to be split in half, and have a zipper going through it. Also, the goal is to make it match up, and even and all that. Not easy, that, and all the layers of fabric
and zipper do not move easily or evenly in the sewing machine. It was also not easy after I burned my forearm on my iron, but that's what I get for not being careful!

As you can see, it came out nicely, and looks just wonderful on the professional model here. But little did I know the beast I had awakened.....there are more lanterns. Therefore, the need for more jackets! Coming soon.......the Red Lantern inspired jacket.

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