Do you take commissions?
Have an idea for something not pictured? Feel free to email me at: anigswes @ gmail.com

How long does it take you to make something?
Well, that depends on a lot of different factors.
A full costume or bodysuit, takes longer than a jacket. A full costume can take 6 weeks or more.
It also depends on how many items I have lined up. I aim to make a jacket in a month.
Other factors include, materials needed, and time of year. Since all of my work is custom, I do not typically keep lots of materials on hand, certain items take longer to get from suppliers. The summer is usually a busy time for me, leading up to SDCC, so if you would like something for a specific event, please give me

I told you my size, why do you still want my measurements?
Most clothing companies have their own size standard, which makes most size labels a ballpark at best.
In addition, everything I make is custom, and tailored to an individuals measurements.

Do you make everything yourself?
Yes, I do.
There is a lot of steps involved in making costumes and clothing.
I design, I draft the patterns.
I source all fabric and notions, zippers or whatever else may be required. I preshrink all cotton fabrics. Cut the fabric, sew it all up and do whatever finishing touches there may be.

Can I change design details?
Sure. If you prefer to have a pullover instead of a separating zipper, just tell me. Don't want a hood? Just let me know. 
I need to know about any design changes before I begin production.

Can I have a pattern?
I'm sorry, I work hard at making my patterns, and I have decided not to share them.