Thursday, February 19, 2009

Red Lantern

Red Lantern-inspired Jacket:
Red and Black fabric: Cotton/poly Interlock
Red and Black Rib: Cotton/Lycra
Lantern symbol: white Lycra
1 separating black zipper
3/16" Cordage

My buddy Mario, previously asked for a Sinestro-inspired jacket, now requested the another, this time the Red Lantern.

To begin, I asked Mario to email me views of the Red Lantern so I could make it into the design suitable for his jacket.

After his approval, I started with the same commercial pattern that I used as a spring board for Sinestro. All the red detail of the jacket was going to be separate pieces sewn over the black jacket.
I copied the pattern pieces, so I could draw in my new style lines and cut out the pattern.

I cut out the black interlock, and assembled the shoulder seams and pockets. I sewed the sleeves, added the red rib cuff, and set the sleeves aside to be put onto the jacket at the end. I cut out the red interlock, sewed the shoulder seams, and began to add the interior piping detail. Sometimes I plan one thing in the design and end up changing my mind later on. So, a few details got added and modified. I made the piping out of the corresponding interlock and secured it with a zigzag topstitch. Then I prepared the tricky detail of attaching the red interlock to the black base jacket, with more red piping. This is always a tense moment at the machine sometimes accompanied by cursing or praying.

After that I assembled the 'Lantern' symbol and prepared it to be attached to the jacket. This time, I appliqued all of the different white sections onto the black background, then appliqued that whole thing to the front of the jacket. Getting to a few layers of fabric by this time.

Now, it was time to wrestle with the bottom rib. On the Sinestro jacket, I really wanted the waist to be the same matching gold color as the rest of the jacket, but was unable to find that color in a rib, so it was not a rib. This time Mario specifically requested a stretchy waist on the jacket, and luckily I was able to get all the proper colors to do this. I also was able to make this nice detail on the back half of the rib where it is black and red striped as per my original design, with a little modification. This proved to be challenging because I miscalculated my orginal rib measurement, and had to make the thing twice, and nearly ran out of materials! A scary moment, but I was able to climb off the ledge and do it properly. (Yes, I tend to get a tinsy bit dramatic while sewing)

Next, I made the collar, with yes, more piping! I sewed the collar on, sewed the sleeves on, and put the zipper in. Ordinarily zippers are not such a big deal, but it is when it separates a symmertical design split down the center. After careful checking, rechecking, and pinning and repinning I got it in there.

So here's the finished jacket, and Mario lookin' stylish as he worn it for the first time at New York Comic Con 2009.


  1. Nice job! I created a couple of streetwear Lantern creations too. Well, one for me really and a red lantern cape for my cape.

  2. could you post the Red Lantern Symbol in big size, please?

    Fine job!

  3. hi i was wondering how much you would charge to make that red lantern jacket again.

  4. Hi Ronin459

    Thank you for your interest, please email me at anigswes @ so we can discuss it further.


  5. I'm curious to ask how much you would charge for either a Green, Yellow, Red, Orange, Black, or White Lantern jacket...your work is SOLID, and would LOVE to rock something like this!

    - Larry

    1. Thank you Larry!

      Please email me at anigswes@ for details

    2. Word! I will definitely get back to you!

      - Larry