Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Rorschach Watchmen

Come on now comic fans, who wouldn't want to be Rorschach? I got wind this past fall that one of my old pals was planning to be Rorschach for Halloween, but was in desperate need of a mask. How could I not help out?
Normally, I would think this would pretty simple, but Ryan (our future Rorschach) is a huge tall man, with a large head to go with it. So I was concerned about squashing his giant melon, and wanted to ensure his comfort. He obliged me with a long list of requested measurements, which I used to make the mask. I made it out of spandex, even though it would be hot to wear, it would mold best around someone's head. I took Peat's advice and used the inkblot design of a dead dog's head, replicating it on my computer to the proper size. I transferred this design to the fabric with the help of my light box, and carefully, and slowly painted in the design with Jacquard fabric paint. They make great paint that can be applied in many different ways and then heat set.

While planning the mask I made sure that the inkblot would fall over his eyes, so I could camouflage the eye holes as much as possible. The eye holes were covered with some stretchy black mesh.

I wanted Ryan to look awesome, so I also volunteered to make him Rorschach's scarf, if he did not already have one. So I knit him this scarf while recovering from my wisdom teeth removal. I knew it would probably be a pain in the butt for him to tie it in the specific manner, so I made it in the shape it was to be worn.

He looked huge and wonderfully scary. Now, if only I could get my hands on some of that fabric where the image actually changes.......

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