Thursday, February 19, 2009

Red Lantern

Red Lantern-inspired Jacket:
Red and Black fabric: Cotton/poly Interlock
Red and Black Rib: Cotton/Lycra
Lantern symbol: white Lycra
1 separating black zipper
3/16" Cordage

My buddy Mario, previously asked for a Sinestro-inspired jacket, now requested the another, this time the Red Lantern.

New York Comic Con 2009

Saturday: The Main Event
After battling our way out of the hotel with extremely sluggish elevators Shadowcat, and The Action Man rolled into the Javits Center just about opening. We checked our coats and floated onto the main floor in record time. As opposed to last year with the several hour line up, getting dressed while on that line and running around like lost little children. By now, we were pros. We had a lot of panels planned to see this day, so we modeled our way around the main floor while we had the time. We attended the 'how not to break into comics' panel, not so sure why I went to this one, but I guess I'm a sucker for learning random things. The panels rooms were much much larger than last year, I guess some planners learned a lesson. I was a little disappointed that we were sharing the space with the 'Travel Show', boy were those attendees confused and upset when they ventured to the wrong side of the concourse. (Picture guy in a business suit getting poked in the butt with a giant foam katana, or harassed by a Storm Trooper- no I didn't actually witness such a thing, but it would have been great) I feel like I spent the majority of Saturday in the basement on lines for panels- oh wait, that's because I did. I guess it goes with the territory, but if one wants to attend the most popular panels one must be ready to sacrifice most of their day. Which kind of sucks, but no one seems to have invented a better way yet. Eventually we ran into Mario, showing off his latest anigswes- the Red Lantern jacket he requested. I'm pleased with the way it turned out, and I think it looks great on him.

Friday, February 13, 2009

New York Comic Con 2009

Thursday and Friday:
I've always lived close to NYC, except this year. So in order to pick up our badges early on Thursday, our 5-hour journey began bright and early. It was worth it to get the badges early and just waltz in the rest of the weekend.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Next Stop, New York Comic Con

Hope to see another great turnout at this year's con. Be sure to look for the strange quartet of Shadow Cat, the Action Man, a sorta Red Lantern outfit, and an unamused civilian .
I will be sure to post tons of photos upon my return.


Rorschach Watchmen

Come on now comic fans, who wouldn't want to be Rorschach? I got wind this past fall that one of my old pals was planning to be Rorschach for Halloween, but was in desperate need of a mask. How could I not help out?
Normally, I would think this would pretty simple, but Ryan (our future Rorschach) is a huge tall man, with a large head to go with it. So I was concerned about squashing his giant melon, and wanted to ensure his comfort. He obliged me with a long list of requested measurements, which I used to make the mask. I made it out of spandex, even though it would be hot to wear, it would mold best around someone's head. I took Peat's advice and used the inkblot design of a dead dog's head, replicating it on my computer to the proper size. I transferred this design to the fabric with the help of my light box, and carefully, and slowly painted in the design with Jacquard fabric paint. They make great paint that can be applied in many different ways and then heat set.



Tim Drake and Stephanie Brown
Materials: Lots of cotton interlock, spandex

This past year Peat and I were invited to a Brooklyn Halloween party, where we would get to see many of our dear friends. We, of course, decided to go, but that left a big question. What to wear? Peat has always been a fan of Robin, in his many forms, but I am not. But he's beginning to grow on me. Also, I could not resist going in couple's costumes, and making two of the same thing essentially would simplify things for me.

from The Green Lantern

After spending the day with us all tricked out in our rocking Venture Brothers costumes at the NYCC, my pal Mario asked me to make him a Sinestro-inspired track jacket.

Who am I to argue? I didn't know who Sinestro was, but I soon learned. Mario let me know what details of the costume he wanted to include, and omit. Then I came up with a simplified design of Sinestro's costume.

I made this last summer out of cotton (black) and a cotton/rayon blend (gold). I had Mario send me one of his existing track jackets that he liked, so I could make it the correct size. I then used the specs from his jacket, and applied that to a McCall's jacket pattern that I had. I had not used piping much before this project, and it's kind of a pain!

The most difficult part was the symbol, because it had to be split in half, and have a zipper going through it. Also, the goal is to make it match up, and even and all that. Not easy, that, and all the layers of fabric
and zipper do not move easily or evenly in the sewing machine. It was also not easy after I burned my forearm on my iron, but that's what I get for not being careful!

As you can see, it came out nicely, and looks just wonderful on the professional model here. But little did I know the beast I had awakened.....there are more lanterns. Therefore, the need for more jackets! Coming soon.......the Red Lantern inspired jacket.