Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Exclamation Point- because these were more difficult than I thought, and I am thrilled that they are completed!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christmas Carol Update

Here is what I've completed so far for A Christmas Carol:
The idea is to make garments that the Poultney Theater Group can use from year to year, instead of renting whatever is available from a variety of sources.  One of the theater board members has a great connection, and had plenty of beautiful donated fabrics waiting for such an opportunity. So far I have made; 2 skirts, 2 capes, 2 vests, and 3 jackets......there is still all the hats, and ties and accessories to go, but there is still a few more weeks of work ahead.

Here are some working shots:
 Oh, there's Cassidy, she is sometimes too much with the hands on work. But she's a good assistant, and I like when she keeps me company, and sometimes forces me to take a break!
Well, anyway I was serging the waistband onto the green skirt in the above picture while the cat got involved.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Funny Little Thing Between the Bat and the Cat

This month I will be taking a break from my typical and much-loved superhero clothes to work on outfitting five local actors for the town's reading of "A Christmas Carol". Tomorrow I am doing a fitting and should have some progress photos shortly.

In the meantime here is something I found greatly amusing.

Yes, this is real. This is from Batman #1 in 1940. The Bat has just deduced that the jewel thief was none other than Catwoman disguised as an old lady, and is exposing her.  Apparently  Batman had a slightly different approach to crime back in the day.......I found this while perusing the local library I found this in a collection of Catwoman comics.
I just thought that this was so bizarre that it required sharing. Enjoy!