Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hawkgirl Inspired Jacket

Dark Brown Interlock- 60% Cotton 40% Polyester
Interlock- 100% Cotton
Tan Int
erlock- 60% Cotton 40% Cotton
Kelly Green Interlock- 60% Cotton 40%
ter Red Rib Knit- 95% Cotton 5% Spandex

First, the inspiration, Eve chose Hawkgirl from the Justic League animated series. Hawkgirl has a few different outfits, but this one is cool for a number of reasons, first off its so feminine- but at the same time you know she kicks ass. So I came up with this little number, with wings of course! Perhaps I should have added the mace too huh? No, I think this one is lovely, and understated.

Next, patternmaking! This took a little longer because this was the first ladies version I made, but I assure you, will not be the last. I will be working on one for myself as one of my next projects.

Green Lantern Kyle Rayner Inspired Jacket

Black Interlock 60% Cotton 40% Polyester
Kelly Green Interlock 100% Cotton
White Interlock 60% Cotton 40% Polyester
White Rib Knit 95% Cotton 5% Spandex

Black Rib Knit 95% Cotton 5% Spandex
1- Black Molded Separating Zipper

First we start with some inspiration. In this case, it was this version of Kyle Rayner as the Green Lantern in Countdown Final Crisis.

Second, I interpret this 'costume' into something sew-able, and wearable for anytime- oh, and of course, make it comfortable. (hence, cotton, cotton, cotton!)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Sewer Becomes the Teacher

Yes, yes I know that I should have used the title "The Seamstress Becomes the Teacher" but sewer is silly. Lucky for me, I have an opportunity to impart my sewing/spandex knowledge at the National Costumers Association Conference in Pittsburgh this July. They just posted the education section including my class. So now I scramble to sharpen all my skills and be able to articulate them effectively. That, and have several new costumes to show off. But never fear, there are more jackets coming well before that, and several more "normal" garments to be posted very soon.