Sunday, June 5, 2011

Red Lantern Guy Gardner

"Red Guy" has been getting a lot of chatter lately, so here it is!
Updated: Halloween 2011. Lantern party! Next year gents I'm makin all the outfits!

 The shoulder accent pieces.

Making a nice even placement on the sleeves. I love drawing with chalk!
Adding the red accents to the body and back. I wanted the long red pieces to be in one piece, so I stitched the shoulder seams together, then sewed the red pieces into place. Then I got carried away finishing this thing and didn't take anymore wip pics.

I like this design a lot. I particularly like the black and red 'belt'. The zipper on the side is always a challenge, but I do think it looks cool.


 Sleeve details.

 Trick for asymmetrical garments, I put a button on the inside of the shoulder seam, and an elastic loop to help hold the garment in place.


  1. It was custom made for the individual wearing it. Everything I make is custom made. If you would like more info, please email me at anigswes


    1. I am interested in ordering one for my son, will you tell me how long it takes and how much it costs?

    2. Dorothy- do you need adult or child size? Please email directly at so we can converse

  2. what did you use for the appliques? it looks amazing!

  3. Thanks! I used the same twill fabric for the appliques as I did the rest of the jacket.