Sunday, May 29, 2011


Well, this week's post is a couple of mini-posts. I am busy gearing up for projects for the Green Lantern premiere, as well as for Wizard World Philly. Stay tuned! 
Galactus Sox
Health Pack

 I've been knitting for years now, but just learned socks this past winter. As in typical fashion when I learn something new I have to deviate from the traditional method and make things more difficult. I didn't want to use double pointed needles because I was working on this project while traveling and wanted to use a flexible circular needle. I also knew that I would suffer from "second sock syndrome" so I was determined to knit both socks at the same time. This proved problematic at times, but luckily I had other needles to switch off to when needed. 
 Also, I was using a long circular bamboo needle- which I snapped like a toothpick- so I switched to metal- as was my preference when I first learned to knit. The purple and pink color are not exactly what I wanted, but I dyed some available white yarn with kool-aid and food coloring. Also, that yarn is a little thin for my liking, but it is a triumph to have finished hand knitting my first pair of socks!
Now quit bothering me and go eat some planets.

Still here? 
 Left 4 Dead Health Pack
 I made the pack out of ripstop nylon- like bookbag material. I am not pointing at the cross in this pic- merely holding it down because the fabric curled up on me.
 I made this project on short notice and was not able to find ready-made patches- so I made my own.
 Here I am using some waste canvas and cross stitching "first aid" onto a piece of white twill.
Ta-da! To remove the waste cloth I wet is a little a remove each strand of waste cloth with tweezers. Then I stitch the patches onto the bag. 
Preparing the little side pockets, they were kind of a pain because of the size, and the ripstop nylon was kind of a frustrating to work with at times, it frays like crazy after you cut it.
But it all came together.
And here I had it magically hanging from my curtains the way it is meant to be "worn".
(p.s.- it's magnets!)