Sunday, June 12, 2011

Assassin's Creed

High drama- white hoodie with red lining.
I love this design- look for it on a body next week at Wizard World Philly!

 The great joys of pattern making.
 To achieve all those beautiful lines in the design I cut the pattern into a ton of pieces, creating a giant hoodie puzzle.
 Masking tape is indispensable to keep all the pieces straight.
 Ta-da! All stitched together.
 All the seams at stitched together, pressed open, then topstitched for an overall lovely effect.

 There is a very subtle detail on the back where I stitched a wing design in white.
 The pointy hood of course!
And a little pocket built into the design. 

Will update with pics of my friend wearing this at Wizard World Philly next week- stay tuned!


  1. nice hoodie dude looks like alot of work went into it :) CHEERS TO THE CREED

  2. Thanks very much!

    And that's dudette

  3. Very good! One minor point though, I think the tip on the hood is a bit too long. No worries though.

  4. Can you post a tutorial

  5. How long did it take to make this happen