Monday, June 20, 2011

Lady Booster Gold at Wizard World Philly

Philadelphia is OK with me. I had a lot of fun in my costume this past Saturday. It had been awhile since I'd made a costume for myself.  Big news for me, I placed in the Costume Contest! 
Winner's Circle!
Check out the local CBS coverage, I'm the 13th pic.
Actually, I was supposed to be there.

See some pics of my favorite costumes from the con after the break.
I will do another post this week about making this costume, with good footage of the blinking star.

 Awesome spidey villains. Scorpion-one of my favorite costumes of the day!

 Creed! You know I'm a fan.....

 Me want cooookies! If there had been a Super Grover, I may have lost my mind.
 General Grievous! This was awesome, the light sabers lit up and spun around- my jaw dropped when I saw it.

 The big hit of the con as well as the costume contest.....Stay Puft!
  Everyone had a great laugh whenever he did anything- especially the dancing! Adorably terrifying!

 When I saw this costume it stirred a memory- I don't know what it is- but it was so well made. Look at all those details. Fairly high on the nightmare level.
 Have you seen this man???
 Comb the desert!
Another favorite of the day.
Additional points for using ingenious and recycled materials. 
Zombie hulk


  1. The wild hair totally makes it.

  2. Great photos! I missed them a lot in the earlier post.

    I don't have words for your costume, as usual. IMHO, you were the star (a blue and gold star!) of the con. Call me "gayish", but I liked the purse. LOL

    Silver medal to the marshmallow man from Gosthbusters. I laughted from here. Zombies are always classic, and always work. Idem for punks. So, Punk-zombies rocks². Congrats to that guy too.

    Spaceballs made me fell old. For this reason only, they got my 3rd place. Zombie Hulk & Grievous = AMAZING! Grover rocks a lot too... Why did'nt I had this idea before? XD

    In the "spidey gallery", my trophies go to Thor, Spider Man and Hobgoblin.

    Great event, great pics, great post. Waiting for the making off post of yours too.

  3. Yes- I have a new love for wigs! More hair for me not to comb.

    Thanks again for the support! I'd never call you gay for having good taste in my star purse!
    Marshmallow man was hysterical he was making the audience go crazy with his antics.
    New post should be up tomorrow, thanks again