Sunday, August 21, 2011

What Should I Wear for NYCC??

Sorry, nothing new this week. I am in the middle of about 8 projects, but you'll have to wait until next week. 
Perhaps now you can help me- I need some input! I usually keep a tight lid over my personal costumes, but I'm trying something different this time.
Costumes for NYCC- may have 2-4 people in a group. 
Ideas we're kicking around:

Worst X-men:
Mullets and galoshes welcome!
Jubilee, Dazzler, Longshot.......

Oh my- can't you picture me in this? 

Alpha Flight??

Wear my Booster Gold again (gasp!) and make hubby into Blue Beetle, then we can throw in some more JLA members.

Other ideas?? Let's hear it!

I do love New York Comic Con, it's my favorite con I've been to (blasphemous! to SDCC) but let's face it, I live on the east coast so NY is easier/less expensive to get to, and SDCC is just HUGE. It might be too big! It's scary big. I am so glad I got to go to SDCC, and perhaps I will again some day, but it's enormous! NYCC is just more manageable to me, and I am know NY, and I know lots of friends will be there.

What I do not like about NYCC is that they have decided to do it in mid-October. I have some very selfish reasons for this:
-It's prime hiking season.
-It's near my birthday (I told you there would be selfish reasons!) but actually it's not a bad bday celebration.
-It's too close to Halloween
-My costume shop owning friends cannot attend because it is too close to Halloween
-All the other cool cons have already happened, and all the summer blockbusters have either blocked or busted, leaving us to talk about the "far future" (next summer) movies...... though I guess it's good timing for all the horror movies, but that's not as exciting to me as all the superhero hype.

But I am happy that they finally added a real Masquerade (a la SDCC) I won't be participating in that this year. One of my favorite things is walking on the floor in costume.  I also enjoy cartoon premieres. We had a great time watching the Wonder Woman animated movie a few years back.
Ah, I'm getting real psyched up now.
Anyway, would love to hear costume suggestions, who else has plans for NYCC?


  1. I vote for Jubilee. Always was my favourite of the "worst X-Men". And Gina + Yellow coat + Pink glasses = Something awesome!

    As DC Fan, my second vote (can I do that?) goes for the new costume of Wonder Woman ( ) . The one with black jeans. It is not such a big boom, but can make some noise.

  2. I argree, 'Worst X-men' would be a pretty win idea!

    Other Ideas- Great Lake Avengers? haha two words- Squirrel Girl.

    Might be greedy on my part (althought that may seem fitting all things considered) but if you're into DC you could always do the various Lanterns of the Emotional Spectrum? I'll be there in full Orange Lantern garb thanks to your tremendous efforts on that amazing jacket you made for me! I'm still working out some final costume details (Orange and Black Pants... impossible to find, as are good boots for this) but so far I've got the mask, gloves, jacket and functional Orange Lantern ring :D

  3. @hayayshi

    I do love that yellow trench coat!

    As much as I love Wonder Woman I do not like her new costume with pants- it's just too weird.

    @jordamus prime:
    wow- squirrel girl that would be ridiculous. truly bad!
    I hadn't considered being apart of the GL rainbow- there's something for everyone in there- not to mention all the possible character/color mash-ups.
    I'm going to email lots of ideas and tips in finishing your OL costume

  4. Awesome! Your going to NYCC! I'll see you there, I hope! I'll give you my number so we can meet up! I'm in a Batman Lolita (the japanese street fashion) group, I'm going as a Lolita Co-ord of the Joker.