Sunday, August 7, 2011

Banshee Jacket

Perhaps a bit overdue- my first X-men jacket!

 Introducing the Banshee jacket with wings!

Or without wings!

 Lately, I have been trying some different types of fabric, but the downside is I cannot find the range of colors I would like. The remedy is to dye my own fabric. I am getting much better at it now. I'm always concerned the color won't be bright enough, but this is yellow with a capital YELLow!
And I dyed some ribbing to match too.

 The back sections ready to be serged together.
 And sewn!
 Sleeve prep.
Sleeve sewn.
Front sewn and the "x" symbol.
 Preparing to stitch the shoulder seams.
 Preparing to stitch the sleeves to the body.
Now for the magic of the removable wings, stitching a separating zipper to the side and underarm seams.
 Zipper half stitched into place.
Now to make the wings.
I was not able to find fabric that was striped in the necessary way, so I would create the stripes myself.
Cutting the blue stripes. 
 Cutting the yellow stripes.
 Sewing the stripes together to create the entire wing.

 They are pretty large, but so is the jacket! 
Wing zipped onto jacket.
 Wing unzipped.
 X marks the jacket.


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  2. When I saw "Banshee Jacket" in my RSS, I thought about Silver Banshee, but the Marvel's Banshee is very cool too.

    I never would say that blue + yellow was nice, but, again, you made me change my mind. Great jokes, too! "The X marks the jacket" was my favorite.

    Putting it all together: IT'S A WINGED JACKET! Who wouldn't like to have one?

  3. As I was posting it, I thought that you would be sure to enjoy it! Silver Banshee would be cool too! Idea for a later day.