Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Custom Drum Major Outfit

This week's post is a few days late, because I wanted the wearer to receive it before I posted it! That and holidays always throw off my schedule- so happy back to school for all you school-bound jokers- I will remain here in my studio (where I think should have a name) sewing up a storm!

I was contacted by a woman who lives where I used to (briefly) reside, in Virginia. Her daughter is a drum major entering her senior year of high school, and this was what they requested. The band is doing a bunch of Danny Elfman scores from Tim Burton movies, so I think this ensemble is very fitting.


 I love all the fabrics that were used for this. The main fabric is a sweater knit with metallic strands throughout- if I ever get around to it, I am def making myself some cool sweater knit stuff!
Oh, and the collar, you like that? Halloween is a great season for fabric shopping. I found this spiderweb fabric, it's actually a lace, so I just used some ordinary cotton to make it opaque. The spiderwebs are silver on one side, and gold on the other. 


  1. Just curious, how much did you sell this for?

  2. Please contact me at for price information