Friday, January 14, 2011

Booster Gold Costume

I love the Booster Gold design, so after making the jacket, I was looking forward to making the entire costume.
Hell yeah, lookin' awesome!

Complete with "feet"!

It began as always, with drafting the pattern. Because of all of the color blocking, I ended up with lots of pattern pieces.
I color code them to keep myself from getting mixed up. Also, there is no such thing as too much information on pattern pieces. Working with yellow spandex usually means having a costume that is just a little too transparent. I combated this by using two layers of yellow spandex for the upper chest and lower torso area. 
Stitching the star into place.
Two layers of spandex, and the completed star.

With my handy serger I began to stitch all the pieces together. If it helps to label pattern pieces, it is even more important to have the cut out pieces of fabric identified.
So what you are looking at in this photo is the lower torso (yellow), middle torso (blue), and the upper back sections sewn together. The bodysuit had no side seams.

The headpiece pattern. I'm not sure what you call these pieces, partial cowl? head-wrap? face-sleeve? ear warmer? face-window? I think I like face window. Anyway, this was also two layers of fabric, really so one is the lining, and also so the edges can look nice. I decided this would look best if stitched directly to the bodysuit. That also happened to be the most difficult part of the construction, both this head-sleeve, and the big yellow collar needed to be stitched to the neckhole. One needed to stretch, and the other did not. It was a funny design, but with some careful planning it came together.
The aquasox stuffed with paper so I could drape the shoe pattern.
I began with a rectangular pieces of spandex, and pinned it into place. Then I trimmed away the excess fabric (but kept enough for seam allowance).
Pinning the other half of the spandex into place. Hellraiser shoes anyone? Once I draped the pattern, I labeled the pieces and cut an additional set for the other shoe. I stitched the sock cover and then stitched the feet to the end of the bodysuit. The sock covers were then glued to the aquasox.


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  2. That is incredible. I adore Booster Gold. Would you be interested in making me one? :D

  3. The60ftOctopus:

    Certainly! Let's chat about it:
    contact me anigswes @

  4. Hi my mom and i have been looking at the booster gold costume and are interested but we need to know how much is it.

  5. Hi Angelo

    Please email me at to discuss pricing. Also please let me know what event or date you would need it for.


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