Monday, October 4, 2010

Booster Gold

Booster Gold. I wanted to make this design for years!
Here is it- finally in all it's blue and gold glory at Fan Expo.

This design is just great, blocks of bold colors.  The cut pieces of the front ready for assembly.

Five point star- one of the simpler symbols I've done lately. The tricky part is making sure the halves of the star line up when zippered. The star is fabric and stitched on using a satin stitch.

The back ready to be pieced. I label the pieces with masking tape- because when you have lots of pieces, it's very easy to get them confused. Especially when the fabric sides look identical and there are specific left and right pieces, etc.

So this type of color blocking is pretty easy to adapt to a pattern you already have. You copy the existing pattern pieces, then you draw on your new style lines. You must then "true" the new seam lines- you need to make sure the new seam line match up on your front and back pattern pieces. Then cut apart the pattern pieces and add seam allowance to make certain the whole thing will remain the same size as the original pattern. Confused? Perhaps this needs to be a video tutorial?

Anyway, here is some collar detail. The well-known Booster Gold costume is something of an enigma. It appears that he is wearing a skin-tight bodysuit with a turtle neck- no problem. There is also that magnificent yellow stand collar too- not that's it's impossible- it's just well unexpected on a bodysuit I suppose. Anyway, this jacket needed to have both collars- so I made the tighter ribbed blue one, and the glorious yellow stand collar.
Here's a closer view of the double-collar.

It's this kind of detail that makes life more fun.

Don't worry next up- Blue Beetle!


  1. SUPER COOL. I love your blog, especially how you show us the process in making and thinking about what would make a good costume.

    I hope you'll be a NYCC this weekend. I'm not gonna read down any further today (I read most of the site a couple of months back) because I want to be surprised to see what you are wearing this weekend if you make it.
    -John Smallwood-Garcia

  2. Ahhh!!!! I neeeeeeed one!!!!!!!

  3. dwoodri@rockets.utoledo.eduOctober 20, 2010 at 11:30 PM

    I love this! Do you do commissions? I totally want one!

    My email is my name if you do. It's totally great!