Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blue Beetle

A brief entry this week- some detail shots of the Blue Beetle jacket.

 I made this just before I moved, and kind of forgot to take a lot of in process photos! 
As much as I sew and create, I still forget to document things some days!

Anyway, the most difficult thing about this design was getting the "beetle" shape in the front. I drew the pattern over and over again, until I was pleased. I cut out the base light blue sleeves, front and back sections. 
Then I stitched the royal blue beetle sections on top of the partially assembled light blue base.
I made a long strip of black fabric, and topstitched it where the two colors met.
Close up.

The back, and of course there is a hood too.
Completed frontview.
Back with hood. 
Go Beetle!


  1. Woah! Kickass work!
    I even prefer it over Booster's!

  2. How about making these available for sale to the public? They're fantastic. Go to Etsy.com, sign up, and do this, please!!