Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cape Tutorial

Check out the videos on how to make a small circular cape, in a relatively small amount of time.  This is by special request for a new friend in New Zealand.

I've scanned the pattern for the collar, which I am having trouble uploading in a manner which will keep it the proper size. I can always email it to anyone who requests it.
I'm making a change to this pattern and saying to forget the velcro, and the best way to keep a cape on is a hook and eye.

The following are detailed videos on how to sew and attach the collar to the cape. Please bare with me about the cat. Apparently she likes to be on camera....

Hope this is useful. Also, one can access my youtube channel here.


  1. Hello, I hope you get this. I have a question, what is the length and width of the collar for the cape? This video was very helpful thank you.

  2. Hi, I was wondering if the same concept would work for a much longer cape (i.e. ankle length)? Thanks!

  3. hi, can I get the collar pattern emailed to me? I plan to make this cape this weekend! Thank you

  4. Also can this be made without the lining?