Monday, December 28, 2009

A Christmas Carol by Scrooge and Company

Are you sick of Christmas yet? I sure am. I am finally recovering from what I casually refer to as my Christmas Hangover. No, I didn't drink so much, but the out of state visit to a variety of family proved to be draining, along with hoping for constant weather here's the last I will mention about Christmas until I am provoked to next year. Here is the final picture of the cast at the last performance of A Christmas Carol, here in Poultney, Vermont. Having just had wisdom tooth extraction a day or so before the performance I couldn't quite put it together to get some photos, but luckily Michael was there to get not only this pic, but all the following videos as well.
So, get ready, the actors did a terrific job and enjoy these post-holiday videos. You can access the youtube channel here. Enjoy!

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