Friday, September 18, 2009

Sewing Machine Covers

Some additional projects that I heart:
That is my newly made Batman serger cover. I have a plastic one that came with the machine, but this is a lot more fun.

This is my long awaited sewing machine cover! For years I just threw a piece of scrap fabric over the machine, but mostly I just left it 'naked'. It's only been about 13 years (yikes!) since i got the machine......and after all it's hard work with me, I thought it deserved a spanking cover. This is actually made of two different Spiderman patterns (fabric leftover from some old projects from like 5 years ago).

 Flame on! I also, well I first cut out this flame fabric for my serger cover, but then decided that Batman was more in theme with the rest of my superhero space, duh me! Anyway, so who wants this one? Perhaps I'll put it up on Etsy.
Here, you can see that I made all of the bias binding myself. I used to think that making bias tape was such a task- sure it takes some extra time, but with this metal little gadget it's really a cinch! That, and it's cheaper this way, and I'm able to have any color tape I please.

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