Monday, September 7, 2009

Sinestro Pullover

I think the word you're looking for is "kick-ass". 

Sorry, but I think this just came out awesome- and looks great on him! I strive to ensure that each thing I sew is one-of-a-kind, so there was a lot of carefully chosen detail in this pull-over.
The symbols for the center front chest, and sleeveband. Even though the symbol on the chest is ultimately split by the zipper, I thought it best to cut into it later. 
Stitching the interfaced symbol to the black background. I use my "satin" foot on the sewing machine, I actually find that foot extremely useful, I like to use plastic feet because you can see through them. A little tear-away interfacing always helps while stitching decorative symbols like this. I also used some spray glue to "baste" the white symbol onto the black background to make sure that nothing would "bubble up" while stitching around the circular shape. That glue is sometimes a little too powerful and I end up with all sorts of threads and lint stuck to my fingertips and nails for the rest of the day....
 Here, the symbol has already been finished and stitched onto the sleeveband. The most difficult part about making this itty-bitty symbol was cutting it out- it was tiny and slippery, and was tricky. In this photo I am using my zipper foot (probably my second most used foot) to sew the piping to the sleeveband, before stitching the entire thing to the actual sleeve. I made yards and yards and yards of piping for this jacket. Piping outlines all of the yellow parts and then some. Lots of comic book illustrations appear to have a lot of 'body' to accents on costume pieces and I think this is a great way to make things "pop". 
Whoo- the finished jacket- just that fast and simple huh? Well not really. Generally I get so involved and focused on a project that it's hard for me to even think about anything else while I'm sewing. Some times I forget to take photos, or to stop to stretch or eat.....that's why I have the cat here as my assistant, she distracts me with her cuteness and forces me to take a break. 
I used a nice soft matching golden rib knit for the waistband, cuffs and the collar.
Here is the detail of the waistband. The waistband is a rib knit which allows for a great deal of stretch. This was actually black rib knit, and gold rib knit and I created the stripe detail- and I love the results.
 Detail of the finished sleeve complete with symbol, band and piping.
Here is a close-up of the piping detail on the back of the jacket. Cool huh?


  1. Very cool! I'm so happy you're really doing this! Not that I had any doubt, I'm just glad you didn't give up on your dreams! :O)

    and PS...who's yer model?

  2. Love it, love it, LOVE it. My husband wants to make one for him, yet the commercial pattern you're using is no longer available. The piping detail is especially impressive.

  3. Thanks SGAC! Eh, the commerical patterns (especially mens) don't seem to change that much from year to year- anyway, let me know if you need any recommendations on comparable patterns.

  4. You wouldn't happen to be selling one of these would you?

  5. Hi Jeff!
    Not quite, but if you email me at anigswes @ we can discuss it further

  6. Could I get one of those?