Sunday, February 19, 2012

Here I Come to Save the Day!

Custom Mighty Mouse Hoodie

Who doesn't want to wear a cape all of the time?
What about ears? Who doesn't want to wear ears? 

 Roomy pockets to store plenty of oil repellent! 
 The cape is securely stitched down, so no  one can use it against you!


  1. Captain America's Shield's Purse. I can see ya!

    Mighty Mouse. You make me feel old this way, Anig.

    But I laughed a lot in here. Congrats, as always, girl.

  2. you spotted the captain purse alright!
    I like to keep some of my projects out, fun to look at.

    Glad you enjoy it- I think you're my #1 fan!

    Hope all is well

    1. With lots of pride I think about me as your fan, anig. When you say I'm #1, that's no less than amazing. Thank you very much.

      Besides I'm a great fan of your works, I didn't buyed nothing, it's true. But let's cheer for the brazilian cash grow stronger and I can wear proudly a Green Lantern's hoodie.

      If positive comments are support, here's the mine.