Sunday, February 5, 2012

Atom Eve

Happy Superbowl sports fans! Are many of my followers sports fans? I don't know, I'm not particularly into sports, but the SB is a big deal. In honor of that, here is a figure that I will be clothing later this month "Tebowing". 

Also in honor of the Superbowl is one of the girly-est costumes I've ever sewn. 
Atom Eve.
Girl Power!
One of the most difficult parts was just trying to decided on what pink fabrics to use. Obviously I needed two shades of pink, and spandex comes in tons of different shades of pink! Once I picked the colors and got the fabric in my hands, the costume came together smoothly.

There are a lot of cool details on this costume, including this stripe down the sleeves. 

The back view with attached cape. 

Photos on a body forthcoming! I think she'll be making some appearances later this year at cons in PA.

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