Thursday, October 13, 2011

Super Sox Shop

Introducing.......Super Sox Shop!
Check it out- a new webstore full of fun things!

The site just went live so be the first to check it out- then tell everyone you know. 
I'll be at New York Comic Con this Saturday dressed as Aurora letting people know about it. 
So find me posing with the others in my Alpha Flight crew and get a pic and some promotional stuff!

These are fun, fancy Xmas Sox I made in the spirit of comic books, cartoons and everything else that is awesome!
The photos in this post is just a small taste of the whole collection that is on the site.
More items to be added.

 ?????? You can never have enough question marks????

 Oh yea, these furry guys are called Monster Sox! They come in 8 different colorsI learned a thing or two working with this faux fur, but I love it so much. Now my cat has other hairballs to compete with.

 We all know that superheroes have awesome costumes, but does their footwear get a lot of attention? Well it generally does from cosplayers, but here is my homage to greatness in superhero footwear.


  1. A long time without your posts made me think you were gonna leave us, Gina. Don't scare me this way!

    LOL about the sox. Who's the sock after the purple monster sock?

    Nice humor post IMHO, and good luck and fun with Alpha Flighters!

  2. Hello my friend!

    Sorry to scare you, just been busy sewing sewing sewing!
    Hope you enjoy the Sox. The purple monster sox is just for fun! Or is could be for Grimace from McDonalds I suppose.

    In Aurora suit now- photos to follow....!

  3. My bad. I meant the socks under the purple one. The yellow and red shoe...