Monday, October 17, 2011

Alpha Flight at New York Comic Con

Holy Comic Con hangover Batman- I mean Holy Comic Con hangover, eh?
Celebrating everything Canadian and character obscura, I present Alpha Flight!
For those of you who do not know, we have Vindicator, Puck, Aurora and Northstar. 
Pic  from Kotaku

Our next Xmas card photo.

 See?  My blogging has slacked for good reason, I was busy getting all this and Super Sox ready for unveiling!
 This was a special Comic Con for me, as we had a group of people for me to dress, so it was kind of a reunion among friends!
Yea, yea, yea that's not what you want to hear about.
I bought some plushie intestines at I Heart Guts, I just dare you to take a look at their website and resist owning some hilariously adorable parts of biology. 

Got to have a word with both Tim Sale and Jeph Loeb, though Loeb asked if Northstar and I were going to do some sort of choreographed ice skate routine. Guess he didn't exactly appreciate our costumes......quite frankly it seemed like an odd thing to say, it's Comic Con! And we were hardly the strangest group there by a long shot.

Hunted down some fun figures and toys included an awesomely adorable red-eyed mini vinyl Batman. 

We attended the always-hilarious Robot Chicken panel, great clips and Seth Green is always on fast forward and is super entertaining. Special guests at the panel included Geoff Johns and freaking "Mac" Macaulay Culkin! 

We missed being in the daily costume contest, which was unfortunate, but just another example of how crowded each event is. Lining up early is a necessity and you need to pick your events carefully! I haven't seen the attendance numbers yet, but it seemed a lot more crowded to me.

 Guess what other panel we attended?? Uh, that's right Beavis. I also got a free shirt. While the Robot Chicken panel was in true Comic Con ADD uber-energy, Mike Judge's panel had a dose of west coast ease. The energy in there was seriously the opposite of the rest of the con. I suppose it was a good way to end our trip. Special guest Luke Wilson added to the "calming" attitude. But don't get me wrong, we got to see the first episode of the new B & B and it was F***ing funny.

Alright, here's a not-so-great video of the EL wire on our costumes.
Apologies for my blathering and the background noise. 

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  1. Nice pics. All the team looks great. The girls are hot, North Star and Aurora make a awesome duo, and even Puck was awesome!