Friday, March 18, 2011

Green Lantern with EL Wire

No photoshopping or special effects in these photos. It's all the EL Wire.

You get the idea......

I stitched the EL wire directly onto the garment. This makes things a little challenging in the laundering process, but since when has pure awesomeness been easy or simple, right?

Piping and epaulette details.
Even when the jacket is not turned on, it still looks cool, no?

More glowing things to come.
Stay tuned!


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  2. 0.0!!!

    One thing is certain. That has lots of awesomeness! It's very cool, nice, beautiful and imposing. Another piece of art, Gina, and I'll repeat myself again to say: "These things rocks! And makes me seriously rethink the concept of art".

    If can I dare a sugestion, is to make the GL symbol with EL. Obviously, if it is not very complicated. EL makes me think too about a Green Lantern... Lantern.

    Am I wrong or the influence for the jacket was (again) the Green Lantern Kyle Rayner? (another artist)

    Thinking better. You create things that makes me hate myself for not having the money to buy or the minimal condition to create. Gina, I hate you. :-D

    Kidding. Keep on astonishing us, girl.

  3. Hate me all you want, just keep watching! : )

    I will do my best to keep you astonished!

    Some EL wires are stiffer than others, so perhaps a light up symbol will be coming soon.

    Yes, I guess you could say this jacket is more in the "kyle style" also has other customizations.

  4. WOW Gina! Did you stitch the EL on by hand?! You must have the patience of a saint! It looks fantastic!!

  5. Thanks Eve! This EL wire I stitched on the machine. Certain projects DO need handstitching, like a certain thing I'm working on now. But St. Anigswes does have a nice ring to it......

  6. Oh man! I thought the Kyle Rayner jacket you made for me was rad, but THIS is just too cool. Then again, I'm a sucker for glowy lines. Oh well. I guess I should've waited for tech to catch up with my fashion tastes. :P

  7. Josh-
    You're ahead of the times!
    This is starting to look like the pics you sent me.

  8. Hey, just wanted to say your jacket looks AMAZING! Also, I was wondering if you sold things you made or could be hired to make clothing. If so, please message me at