Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fun with EL Wire

I have been loving the "wearable technology" movement that is now developing.

I have been doing lots of research and playing around with some raw materials, and this is my first completed project.

Purse with electroluminescent wire!

I use this purse when I go to the disco, or the grocery store, you never know when you'll need a little glamour.
Photo of the driver that powers the wire. Look at all the fun that can be provided with two AA batteries!

Things may look slow on the blog now, but that is only because I am busy working on lots and lots of fun and exciting things. Stay tuned!


  1. I see this and have ideas about Green Lantern clothes. You should be tired of Green Lanterns, but, well... They are shining green wires! Is almost impossible don't say "In the darkest day, in the brightest night" after that.

    The wire is elletricly powered (like batteries)?

  2. Hayashi:

    "In blackest night" indeed!

    I've added a photo of the battery pack, so you can go anywhere while glowing.

    This is just screaming for Green Lantern things.....perhaps I am working on them now.....

  3. Errata:

    "In brightest day, in the darkest night."

    My mistake about the the Green Lantern's oath.

    Dammed Sinestro's agents poluting my mind with sublimminars messages!

  4. my friend and i both ordered the Booster costumes from you, i know hers will be ready before mine b/c her con is next month and i'm super excited to see hers with the cape! thanks again for taking our commissions!


  5. Caroline:

    I will def post any pics she sends me with the cape- wait until you see the's huge!