Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Flash Blue Lantern

Flash Blue Lantern

Crossover fever! 
The Flash always had an excellent costume design- now for a twist here is the Blackest Night version in blue. 
 This jacket comes complete with hood and Flash "ears".
First, comes the lightning bolts.
 Hours of machine embroidery to attach the bolts on the sleeves, front and back.
Sleeve lightning bolt in place.
The first layer of the center front symbol. After this blue symbol is stitched to the jacket, the silver lightning bolt is stitched over the whole thing.
The blue section attached to the body. With chalk I marked a line where the blue lightning bolt would be placed. 
Stitching the zipper into place over the split super symbol.  
 Hand stitching the "ear" to be prepared for the hood.
 Close up of the finished front section with the lightning bolts.
Close up of the finished double symbol. 

 Back view with hood.


  1. My first comment in here (and I believe, first comment in all the post).

    Weel, I don't like much The Flash, and almost wold say that was a "heresy". If the final result just didn't look so beautiful. Seriously, deserves the name "Uncanny".

    The colors mach very nicely with the silver gray, something we never seen in comix (I believe The Flash has not seen any Blue Lantern yet), and the final "chroma" is very nice. I don't tire to say: My most sincere congratulations!

    I guess the most difficult part is the symbol, for be cutted in half, and sewed back, something can be lost, but that was planned. As any visitor in here must know, you are not a unexperienced sewer.

    Sorry for the big comment, and, again, congrats.

  2. plz make one for my son for x-mas but it needs be in 4XL Email me He Wants green lantren and blue lantren flash im willing to pay $50 and up plz email me

  3. i would like one too....
    could you e-mail me too...and yes the blue lantern flash is the one i would like

    i get payed 1 week from this comment...i'd like to know how much it's cost

  4. I want one I WANT ONE XD
    Pleaaasseee How much?

  5. Please email me at to discuss.


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