Monday, September 6, 2010

Blue Lantern

It's been quite awhile since the last post!
One may think that I have not been working on anything- but in fact the opposite is true. I have been sewn an incredible amount of things in June-July and moved to Virginia just recently. 
I will slowly be posting all the projects from this summer, while setting up my new, improved design studio here in VA.

So onto Blue Lantern:
This is based on the Saint Walker character.

I wanted make a Blue Lantern jacket for sometime, and I am happy with the result.

All the edges of the blue accent have piping.

After stitching the piping to the blue fabric, pinning the whole thing to the black base jacket.

Stitching the symbol to the body. All the symbols I make are appliqued, which means that it is a series of layered fabric pieces stitched together. Normally I take more photos while working, but sometimes I get too excited or wrapped up in the work that I just finish before I know it!

Lots more projects to come.


  1. omg how much do you want for it?????

  2. Anonymous:

    Please email me at anigswes @ to discuss!


    1. Do you still accept commissions for these? Because I am VERY interested.

    2. email me at info @ for more info- i'll tell you right now i am booked for the next few months

  3. I'd hella be interested in a green lantern-rayner type something myself...

  4. I would like to buy one so i can wear it at comic-con, how much is it?

  5. Are these still being made? I would be very interested in having one done, I am certainly in need of a new jacket.

    If so please contact me at I will email you as well just for good measure!

  6. I would like one also! Looks totally badass! Can you let me know at

  7. Could you make one for a 12 yr old