Sunday, May 2, 2010

Guy Gardner

Oh, I've been gone for awhile- but not due to loafing- been busy! So, here's a project that I was sure to make at some point in time. Guy Gardner.

You know what old bowl-cut looks like:
You know he's got an interesting wardrobe. This is what I was what I was able to do with it:

Here's how I did it.
After planning the design and making the pattern I began to cut fabric. Both of the white and black trim on the collar were made of bias stripes. Here I cut the bias strips apart in a big spiral.
Here I use my zipper foot and polyester cording to make the piping. 

Cutting out the pattern. I found a nice twill in the desired shade of green. The vest is fully self-lined.

The symbol is made out of the same twill as the rest of the vest. The outermost layer of the symbol needed to be black, so I stitched that. Here, I am using a longer zigzag stitch to hold the symbol in place. Later I went back with a very narrow stitch to give the symbol stability as well as the proper black border.

After stitching the waistband into place I marked the placement for all the buttonholes. Here, I am using my buttonhole attachment piece for my sewing machine. There were a lot of buttonholes! 

After I cut all the buttonholes open I wove the "belt" through all the buttonholes.

There's a better view.
This is what the final "belt" looked like. 

Stitching the waistband facing to the lining by hand.

The finished vest.

Don't forgot to rock the popped collar!

Detail of the black piping and the white binding on the edges.

Detail of the zipper and woven waistband.
Stay tuned- more fun stuff to come in the coming weeks!


  1. this is amazing, I love that its a how to, also

  2. Christopher GoodnightJanuary 12, 2011 at 6:28 PM

    Any chance you could make a double extra large with sleeves for me. and if so how much?

  3. Yes, are you able to make more if given measurements? Because my husband would crap his pants for one of those. He made one for himself by cutting the sleeves off of an old motorcycle jacket and spray painting it, but this looks much nicer and more professional :)

  4. Emily:

    Measurements would be ideal!
    email me at anigswes @ and we can discuss it.

  5. I am searching quite far and wide for a jacket like this, so you will be getting an email from me at

    I will send you an email and you can toss out a price, and I'll give you the measurements. I am willing to pay just about anything within reason

  6. would you be able to make a red lantern guy gardner vest

  7. Lewis:

    Like the jacket in this post:

    Email me for more info

    So I was looking into purchasing the vest and i came across this website.
    is this website legit because they used the exact same pic as the one you have here?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I have no affiliation with ezcosplay. I would say they are not legit as they used a photo of my work without my permission.
      If you are interested in having me make one for you please contact me directly

  9. Could I possibly buy one of these from u pleaaaase I can't zone this vest anywhere else online and I'd like to know how much u will charge please contact me from my email

  10. I ment I can't find it anywhere else

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