Monday, October 19, 2009

Wizard's 18th Annual Costume Contest

In case you haven't gotten this month's issue of Wizard, this is what you are missing:
Wizard says:
"Every year the call goes out for the best homemade Halloween outfits comic fans can muster. Here's this year's top entries."

Woot! Check out the teeny tiny picture of me as Queen Etherea (don't forget to check out the other entry of how I made it, more photos too). While it's difficult to compete with War Machine (winner- or any costume that is held together with more bolts than thread) it is nice to be included!
See you next year Wizard- I've got some big ideas in the works!!


  1. You're totally more sexy then the "sexy" Aquaman *shudder* He's dowright frightening. So glad you got into Wizard way to go!

  2. Gina, totally didn't realize that was you! The other people on the page are all members of the SCF too! Hawkeye is Brian (GreenarrowFL), Silver Banshee is DJ (DJ Spider), and Aquaman is Sam (Rockettman1987)!

    Congrats on making the issue!