Sunday, June 3, 2012

Scarlet Spider Jacket

This is based on a new version of the Scarlet Spider that is well scarlet. Perhaps in the future I will make a garment based on the classic blue and red Scarlet Spider costume. In fact I think it's a must, because how often do you find a superhero costume that already has a sweatshirt? Weird, right?
Anyway, this design was a joy to work with. The spider detailing was very time consuming, but well worth the excellent results. 
Read more for detail pics of the hood and WIP pics.

 "Eye" detail on the side of the hood. 

This project was giving me a major case of arachnophobia!
Too many legs!

 I cut the bigger black spider in half to apply it to both front halves of the sweatshirt.
 One half of the front spider in place and ready to be stitched.

Large spider on the front separated by zipper.  

 Close up of spider on the back. 


  1. This is so cool will you sell it?im a big fan of the new scarlet spider do i would love this sweater

    1. custom work, contact me at for details!

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