Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Flash vs. Zoom

Here's a first anigswes costume battle!

Two costumes, two characters, two primary colors- which one do you like better??

 Normally I do not think that a yellow costume is particularly menacing, but I'm starting to change my mind!

 Some work in progress pics from the Flash. I want to make myself a Flash or Zoom-inspired shirt, especially since I've come up with a method to sew lightning bolts without making myself crazy.

On the Zoom costume I used two layers of yellow on the bottom half of the costume, because it can be kind of transparent!
 Flash symbol embroidery.

Sleeve with bolt. 

Now for some spandex glove making: it's annoying, but oh so necessary, and an easy alternative to more complicated glove making. 

Each hand has four pattern pieces, two for the thumb, two for the palm and fingers. Though the gloves are completely reversible I label them just to keep at the parts straight. 
The pattern piece is essentially a traced hand, much like a kid drawing turkey.

Using a stretch stitch and a small seam allowance on my regular sewing machine I stitch all the thumbs on.

Now each glove is reduced to two pieces front and back of the hand, and they get stitched together. 

 After it's all stitched I cut away all the excess fabric. Carefully!

And turn to right-side out! Hi. Don't be rude, wave back.

1 comment:

  1. Great pics! Great idea: Costume battles!

    I vote for Zoom. Because the colors are looking better, because he's a villain, and because he has a bathroom picture.

    Don't feel bad, Mr. Flash. You're looking awesome too.

    Great work, Gina. Both. May the acceleration force be with you. Always.