Saturday, July 11, 2009

Off to Pittsburgh....Let Hawkgirl & the Green Lantern Keep You Company

I'm on my way to go enlighten people on the wonderful concept of dressing up like a superhero. I have been preparing for this for quite some time, but it still feels like it came fast- that and all the conventions and a play I need to costume are all happening in the same 3 week period. Never fear! I've got a coffee pot, and I'll make it through somehow......
Well, let's check out how my friends are doing:
I think he's pleased.
What?! That ring (well, probably the jacket) had more power than I thought!

Let's see what Hawkgirl is up to:

Looking pretty awesome- don't fly away just yet!
And who could this be?
My very own GL Corps?
Not too shabby....
For my other buddies waiting for things I plead your patience. Upon my return from San Deigo things will go back to normal and I'll be locked in my workroom like the sewin' fool that I am.
Wish me luck on my presentation!

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