Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hawkgirl Inspired Jacket

Dark Brown Interlock- 60% Cotton 40% Polyester
Interlock- 100% Cotton
Tan Int
erlock- 60% Cotton 40% Cotton
Kelly Green Interlock- 60% Cotton 40%
ter Red Rib Knit- 95% Cotton 5% Spandex

First, the inspiration, Eve chose Hawkgirl from the Justic League animated series. Hawkgirl has a few different outfits, but this one is cool for a number of reasons, first off its so feminine- but at the same time you know she kicks ass. So I came up with this little number, with wings of course! Perhaps I should have added the mace too huh? No, I think this one is lovely, and understated.

Next, patternmaking! This took a little longer because this was the first ladies version I made, but I assure you, will not be the last. I will be working on one for myself as one of my next projects.

I had a lot of fun with the wings, even though they were very time consuming. I designed the wings on Illustrator, then printed out my little pattern and cut the fabric. I played around with the detail lines, until I came up with what I thought looked best. I used machine embroidery, so the lines would be narrow and uniform. The time consuming part was there was a lot of lines, and I get paranoid about stitches coming apart, so I secured all those suckers.
Next I sewed the green piping onto the yellow cotton, then sewed those to the brown base. I did the same to the front. After I appliqued the wings with a narrow satin machine embroidery stitch I was
ready to construct.

I only added teeny tiny adorable girl pockets to this jacket because the design was so feminine and pretty I did not want to add a lot of extra bulk. At first I was not sure what color zipper I would use, but I thought the green would be easier to match than the brown, and it was. I think it helps pull everything together with the piping. There are a lot of colors in this, which can make some people nervous, but I think it works.

I made a few different designs for a Hawkgirl jacket based on her different outfits, here are the ones that were not used.


  1. That looks amazing! And I love Hawkgirl!

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